Zach Theno

Zach Theno, Yacht Broker

Zach Theno
Yacht Broker

Cell: 206.799.4217
Office: 508.994.4444

Cape Yachts
252 Elm Street,
South Dartmouth, MA

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As the son of a retired fishing captain, I grew up on the water, living on a small island west of Seattle and exploring the inlets of Puget Sound. Throughout my younger years, I could often be found fishing for Coho salmon, combing the beaches for sea creatures, tubing behind an old Bayliner with friends, or just cruising between islands with no real destination in mind.

After attending college at Washington State University, I knew that I had a passion for working with people and wanted to incorporate that aspect into my career. With a natural inclination for sales, I took a job at an electrical company, selling parts and fulfilling orders. While I loved my coworkers and the friends I made there, I knew I was not passionate about electrical parts. I knew I had to transition to a sales job that aligns more with my personal interests. Thus began my journey into the boating industry.

In addition to the career change, I moved across the country to Dartmouth, MA. I worked the docks, took on any task, and absorbed as much about boats as I could, earning the broker title after only a few months.

In my free time, you will most likely find me in my kitchen, trying out a new recipe or improving on an old favorite, or on the water, fishing with a beer in my hand (though now it is for striper and black sea bass rather than salmon).

I firmly believe that building relationships are crucial to the sales process. I listen attentively and strive to learn my customers’ wants and needs, making sure that communication throughout the relationship is clear and intentional. If you are looking for a prompt, diligent, and hardworking guy you wouldn’t mind having a beer with, please give me a call. I would be happy to find a boat that is a perfect match for you and yours.

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