Looking for the best to sell the best.

Careers in yachting for a select few.

The Cape Yachts’ Certified Professional Yacht Brokerage Team (CPYB) enjoys many career advantages, the most important being the culture and winning strategies of the company. The owners, Dave & Jane Nolan have spent nearly 30 years developing Cape Yachts into the industry leader it is today. And, they do that by focusing on their people and helping to develop each individual career within the company and the industry.

As a Cape Yachts broker you immediately become part of a respected network of leaders known throughout the industry as the best of the best. Not everyone can be a Cape Yachts broker, but those that are enjoy many advantages.

Stop working with incompetent or part-time sales brokers that don’t belong selling next to you.

Ever wonder why the owner hired that guy? He doesn’t even answer his phone and you KNOW leads assigned to him are wasted.

At Cape Yachts, we don’t follow the greedy “more is better” attitude when it comes to hiring brokers. Our team is handpicked and must pass a rigorous screening and interview process. It doesn’t mean we won’t invest in training someone new. We just have higher standards and expect more from our team. We make sure that our brokers are constantly trained in the important aspects affecting their careers and your bottom line.

Cape Yacht Careers

Stop competing with the person whose name is on the door

Owners of yacht brokerage firms have a distinct selling advantage, especially those with their names on the door. It’s tough enough competing against other firms and brands, let alone having to lose a deal to your own boss. At Cape Yachts, our President and Founder, Dave Nolan, spends his time running our company and training our sales team to be the best. We understand high-end clients and help you learn their buying habits and profiles. Unlike other firms, you will never compete with the Owner for a listing or client, giving you freedom to pursue more prospects.

Get paid more and treated better

You work hard for your career, and you have invested in being the best. We know that it’s the hours of research, honest conversation, and advice rooted in integrity that builds trust with a yacht owner, not the marketing. So get paid for it.

Our compensation plan and profit shares exceed what others pay. Our pay plan is simple and the same on every transaction. And every broker participates in our New Boat Bonus Program that gets paid each quarter.

We also cover you for Workers Comp and General Liability at no cost to you and provide you with access to health care. Never worry about paying for business cards, copies, printing and signage or seeing marketing fees and office rent allocations deducted from your hard-earned commissions.

Receive the professional sales and closing support you need to do what you do best… sell!

Cape Yachts offers real yacht broker administrative support. From listings through closing assistance, our brokers are taken care of. We know what you do best, and we keep you doing just that…Selling. We provide you with administrative assistance at every level with our a dedicated marketing team, a sales director and closing administration.

Enjoy the empowerment that normally only the owner receives

Yacht brokers at Cape Yachts have the skill and ability to get deals done. You’re educated to know what the margins are, what the process is, and most importantly you have the respect of the company. Transactions don’t get delayed waiting for management approval. Move at the pace our customers expect, and get the deal done.

Get it in writing

The worse thing that can happen to a sales professional is to be placed in a position of negotiating with your own company or not knowing what to expect. At Cape Yachts, everything that the company expects from you and that you can expect from the company is in writing. Our Broker Handbook outlines how our prospecting system works, how commissions are earned and paid along with where you go for the resources you need to get your job done.

What really sets us apart?

You have the service and delivery horsepower you need to fulfill the promises you make! Once again, we keep you doing what you do best… Selling! Not servicing or getting a boat rigged and ready or worse – making excuses for poor or lack of service to your new customer. Never again hear, “the yard is too busy” to deliver the deal you’ve just spent weeks working to earn.

At Cape Yachts we own a dedicated, full-service yacht yard and marina. We don’t rely on subcontracting that puts you in the position of begging for someone to help a customer fix their air conditioning on a hot evening in July. We fix it. We have our own skilled and trained technicians, electronics experts, mechanics, electricians, riggers, detailers, and captains.

We are the authorized servicing center with techs trained by the factory. Our yard is a full-stocking Service Center with trained experts in Volvo, Cummins, Yanmar, Mercury and Yamaha propulsion systems as well as SIMRAD, RayMarine, B&G, KVH and Intellivision electronics systems – and much more.

When we do call upon another yard or service company for assistance, we talk their talk, yard to yard with trained technicians on the phone.

Dedicated customer representatives and factory-trained warranty reps

Enjoy the leverage that comes with having each of your customers having their very own dedicated customer service representative. Our full-time customer service reps are technicians themselves, not just someone who answers the phone. Our CR’s learned by servicing the systems our customers’ boats are running, and they get to know each customer – what their preferences are, who they are and the boat they are on. Again, leaving you to do what you do best… Sell.

Real service. Real results.

We all know companies that claim to have good service. Our service results are measured and based on fact. We enjoy an approximate 96% CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) as measured by the NMMA’s CSI program.

Our Yamaha CSI index has been 100 percent for seven years straight! Furthermore, we monitor every service work order with our own internal CSI program which continually ranks us in the high 90th percentile. This doesn’t mean we execute perfectly every time. But, it does mean we meet our customers’ problems and concerns head-on and follow every item to a positive outcome our clients expect.

Repeat buyers and the golden chain of referrals

We don’t buy lists, we don’t need to. Cape Yachts has been selling and servicing the Northeast boating market for nearly 30 years and has sold thousands of boats during this time. We have one of the finest centralized customer databases in the industry with over 30,000 active boater prospects. And, we built our database handshake by handshake one customer at a time.

Couple this powerful history with our strong servicing reputation and you have a constant golden stream of repeat and referral business already in place.

Worried that the owner or more senior brokers claim these referrals and repeat business? The owner doesn’t compete against the sales team and we follow a strict process of defining a customer relationship as one that is active. Over 80 percent of our 30,000 prospect database is unassigned and open to each broker to earn the relationship.

It’s about quality leads and being where the buyers are

Yacht brokers at Cape Yachts enjoy a stream of qualified leads. The point of our marketing is to get the phone to ring for you, to perpetuate our brand identity while generating constant foot traffic for you to greet on our showroom floor. Cape Yachts’ ownership is committed to reinvesting earnings back into the company, perpetuating a stable company with a long-term view and a continual aggressive marketing approach.
Details on our marketing program, including our industry-leading web marketing strategies.

Real yacht marketing done by a professional marketing team

Cape Yachts consistently produces creative, consistent and effective marketing programs for you and our clients. Our broad and aggressive marketing approach includes strategies in the following channels:

  • Internet Marketing SEO; Google, Bing & Yahoo pay-per-click programs
  • Email Marketing delivering over 90,000 emails every month with an open rate of over 26%.
  • MLS Services on the most popular yachting web sites.
  • Social Media beyond just Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
  • Direct Mail targeting specific boat owners in specific markets.
  • Print Advertising in major pubs such as Yachting, Yachts International, PMY, PassageMaker, DuPont Registry, Boat Show Directories, Sail Magazine, Cruising World and MotorBoating.
  • Public Relations regular and consistent press releases issued by professionals.
  • Community Involvement board-level involvement in the yachting industry, Alzheimer’s Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation and countless local community programs.

An aggressive boat show schedule

We know there are no better arenas to meet pre-qualified buyers than at our industry-leading boat shows. Cape Yachts regularly participates at the following international and regional shows:

Newport International Boat Show
Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
The Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami
Palm Beach Boat Show
Cannes Yachting Festival
Genoa Boat Show

Trawler Fest (Annapolis)
U.S. Powerboat Show
U.S. Sailboat Show
Boston’s New England Boat Show
Maine Boat Show

New boat opportunities

We are not just a brokerage house. Since 1986, we have been a new boat dealer enjoying the added lead and foot traffic that comes from representing leading boat builders. As a strategic difference, we stay focused and do not cross brand lines.

Since 1989, we have consistently been one of BENETEAU’s leading dealerships and represent all their powerboat brands including Flyer, Swift Trawler, Gran Turismo and Antares. We also represent their sailboat ranges including Oceanis and First.

Hatteras is the mega yacht brand we represent. With their commitment to innovation for 60 years they create both luxury motor yachts and sport fishing yachts.

MJM Yachts is a leader in fuel-efficient, fast powerboats that meet the highest expectations for performance, usability, quality, and seaworthiness.

True North is a go-anywhere boat that combines timeless good looks and outstanding-all weather performance with the impeccable reputation that all True North Boats are known for.

SOLACE is our brand of center console boats that pushes the limits to where design and engineering can take us.

Take advantage of our competitive advantages

We spoke briefly about our culture and our interview process. This is important. Cape Yachts carefully chooses brokers that are a good fit with our team and the culture we’ve spent years developing. Not everyone qualifies just because they can sell. We provide a nice place to work and are fortunate to have a terrific group of people, and we aim to protect that environment.

Our culture attracts people who are honest, humble, trusting and easy to work with. Getting paid is important to each of us and our families, but it’s just a part of the total career equation. We strongly believe that nice people working together to help support each other dramatically improves quality of life and reduces the stress that comes along with being successful.

As a Cape Yachts broker, you can take advantage of Cape Yachts’s competitive advantages including our ability to take in trades, our proprietary systems and marketing solutions, our vertical integration of service and delivery of assets plus other confidential strategies that are uniquely Cape Yachts.

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