How To Sell Your Boat

How to bring in top dollar for your boat.

The devil, as they say, is in the details. It is surprising how often boaters forget this valuable old chestnut when they are trying to sell their boat. The little things can make a big difference to a prospective buyer when it comes time to make an offer or to move on. Here are a few straight-forward tips on maximizing the value of your boat.

CLEAN IT UP. And get rid of the clutter. Yes, it is a chore. But it can easily add thousands of dollars to your boat’s value and accelerate the time to sale. This should include not only the interior, deck, and hull – but the bilge, lockers, bright work, drives, and rigging.

EQUIPMENT INVENTORY. It makes sense to remove all equipment and items you will not be selling with the boat. If this isn’t possible, be sure to make a list of what is being included in the sale, and what you’re taking with you.

MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS. Make sure all systems are in proper working order before you put your boat on the market. There is no bigger deal-breaker than a system failure during a test drive. And non-working systems nearly always get fretted out in final price adjustments after the survey.

TEAK WORK AND BOTTOM PAINT. The two things that will put a twinkle in the eye of a prospective buyer is a beautiful teak deck and a fresh coat of bottom paint. Make the investment and there’s a better chance they’ll fall in love.

THE HEAD. This should go without saying. Make sure the head is the cleanest, most sparkling place aboard your boat, and you won’t be sorry when it comes to the close.

ACCESS. Make your boat easily accessible for buyers and brokers to board and inspect. Also, just as important, let your broker know when the boat will not be available for showing. Nothing disappoints a buyer more than planning to see a boat that’s out sailing when they arrive to see her.