True North 34 OE

The True North 34 OE is truly a go-anywhere, do-everything boat that is designed for adventurous people who want to experience nature- comfortably. An open-concept interior features a galley-up configuration that connects the main living space to the spacious cockpit all on one level. Serious cooks love the large and well-equipped galley, and everybody loves being up in the center of the action. The True North 34 performs exceptionally well on flat water in fair weather. But its unique ability to handle rough weather and stormy sea conditions is one of the many elements that sets this boat apart. The sharp, plumb bow slices through the waves instead of pounding on top of them when the seas build. The hull’s balanced displacement and flatter aft sections deliver a rock-solid ride in virtually all weather conditions. And since the hull design is inspired by boats that work all year long in all sorts of conditions, we can almost guarantee you will not miss a day on the water (or be stranded in port) when the weather takes a turn for the worst.