A Sensible Path to Yacht Ownership 

Sea Style Yacht Partners provides an opportunity to purchase a 25% or 50% share in the GT 62 that is fully managed and maintained by their experienced team. You’ll have a minimum of 10 weeks aboard the GT 62 to cruise New England waters, the Bahamas, and more. Sea Style can easily handle chartering your vessel while you’re not enjoying it, which can cover operational costs.

With Sea Style, you know that your yacht is always ready and maintained to the highest standards. From crew selection to maintenance, operations, and accounting, Sea Style takes care of all the complications of yacht ownership so you can enjoy your yacht with peace of mind. 

Enhance your ownership experience today with the GT 62. 

Your crew is ready and welcomes you aboard your yacht for your next cruise.


Contact us and we’ll be in touch to share more details regarding the GT 62 fractional ownership program. Your enhanced yachting journey starts here!